CEO & Founder of The Crown Academy & Essence of Ebony

Imani Powell

CEO & Founder

Imani Powell is the Owner of Essence of Ebony, a Natural Hair home for the African Diaspora. She is a Natural Hair Stylists & Coach and has over 10 years of experience specifically in Natural Hair care. She created a Luxury Natural Hair Care Line, Amber Reign, dedicated to the Curly & Black hair community.

The Natural Hair Experience

Natural Hair is the most exciting topic because it is the most misunderstood. With that being said, I'm sure you want to know what you'll learn! Here are the BIG 3!

  • The History & Culture of Black Hair will be at the forefront, and arguable the most important topic we discuss!

  • Detangling is typically the most challenging part of anyone's natural hair journey, parent, individual, student or stylist.

  • The Art of Two Strand Twists will be demonstrated and discussed. It is a fan favorite and once it's mastered, you will become unstoppable!

Why Become Certified?

Really the question is... why not?

  • I'm A Parent

    As many parents have attested to this course, in person, they will tell you that it has made them breathe just a bit easier. Learning the complexities of your child's or children's hair will help you build a better relationship and help your child feel better about their hair, as well!

  • Professionals

    As you know, natural hair and Black hair education are not taught at most institutions under the board of Cosmetology. This is your chance to take control of your education, and truly be able to serve ANY clientele that walk through your door!

  • I'm an Adult with Curly Hair

    As we have learned, the education wasn't taught in schools and thus wasn't taught to those that came before us! Most of us learned through experience and our ancestors trial and error. But today, we can change that! This course is taught by a Black Woman who has had the experience of learning and growing with people who are constantly trying to understand their personal hair journey! This is the place for you to finally get your answers!

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